Introducing Gravity Wash – The Self-Contained Hand Wash Station.

Washing your hands for 20 seconds is central to the government campaign to prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19. Washing with soap and water is proven to be the most effective way to kill the virus.

Many businesses do not have sufficient facilities to ensure employees or  members of the public can regularly wash their hands whilst maintaining the essential 2 metre social distancing requirements.

Designed and manufactured by CLM Services Ltd, Gravity Wash is a mobile, self-contained hand washing unit designed to help solve this issue and get businesses back up and running.

Suitable for any environment or industry, including construction, commercial, industrial, leisure, retail, education and healthcare, the unit reduces the reliance on your existing welfare or washroom facilities and encourages good hygiene.


  • Each station can provide up to 45 hand washes from a single tank.
  • The system is easy to use; simply remove and empty the self-contained waste water tank once full and replenish the clean water using the built in hose connector.
  • No need to plumb the unit in!
  • The slimline design means it can be conveniently located at entrance or exit points to improve hygiene control.
  • Available in galvanised, stainless steel and powder coated finishes, you can choose any standard RAL colour at no extra cost (based on a minimum order of 10).
  • Gravity Wash is available with or without tanks to enable connectivity to mains supplies if preferred.


  • Clean water tank, complete with hose connector for easy refill
  • Waste water tank with inbuilt tap to drain
  • Water level vision panel
  • 300mm diameter stainless steel sink
  • 25L bin
  • Push button tap providing cold water
  • Soap dispenser
  • Paper towel dispenser


  • Dimensions: 560mm wide x 403mm deep x 1860 high
  • Unit weight: 65kg when empty

All you need is water to replenish the tank, a drain to empty the wastewater and let GRAVITY do the rest!

For more information on our new, innovative product and to discuss your requirements, please call 0151 637 3600 or email

Download the product data sheet below:

CLM Mobile Hand Wash Station Product Sheet(3)