5 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Steel Fabrication Company

  • Safety must always come first!

Steel fabrication is not a simple process, it involves some dangerous activities including cutting, bending, welding and assembly. Fabricators use specialist tools and equipment and must also safely manage the installation process on customer sites, sometimes in close proximity to the public.  The steel contractors’ approach to safety can have wide ranging implications to others on site and so selecting a company who can demonstrate a good safety track record is critical. 

Along with checking their external safety certifications and accreditations, an understanding of the company’s safety culture is a useful indicator of their approach.  We believe that safety must be driven from a senior management level throughout the company and a strong safety culture will be immediately apparent as a primary consideration from the early stages of design and feasibility.

We are always open for customers to question our approach to safety and we welcome our customers to visit our workshop and engage with our team.  

  • Design capability is essential  

When considering a steel fabrication companies suitability for your project, you should be able to expect that they can provide you with a detailed technical design.  A good company will be able to meet your fabrication needs from start to finish, taking your initial design intent and coordinating with the client design team and structural engineers to produce detailed technical drawings. 

There are many opportunities at this stage for the steel fabrication company to produce the best technical solution possible, to suggest the optimum materials, to develop a safe installation solution, and to suggest efficiencies which may save the customer time or money.  This in-house experience and expertise can help to improve efficiency and demonstrates a real technical understanding.  Working to detailed technical drawings also provides greater reliability of both cost and programme and helps with the coordination of the works to prevent clashes with other contractors.

  • Quality can not be compromised

The steel fabrication contractor is often responsible for installing the equipment which supports an entire project.  This work is then often covered up, so being able to reassure customers of the quality of the product and the craftmanship underneath is critical. 

The term ‘quality control’ covers many aspects of the fabrication and installation process.  From the selection of the optimum materials and the right choice of finish to ensure a long lifespan, to essential quality check hold points in the fabrication process, there are many indicators that quality control procedures are in place.  Steel fabrication is a craft which must be undertaken by experienced and qualified operatives, don’t be afraid to ask contractors to demonstrate these qualifications and check for references! 

Accessible staff who are willing to communicate and engage with you and consider the best approach demonstrates you are dealing with a conscientious company!

  • Hire an expert and check out their experience

Checking out a contractors previous experience is an excellent way of understanding if they have the capability to undertake a project of your required size and nature.  Steelwork contractors can vary hugely in their capacity and factors such as workshop size, manpower and levels of equipment will all have an impact. 

Specific experience in the desired industry is highly beneficial, it will allow the contractor to understand the unique requirements of the sector and to offer tailored and useful advice for the benefit of the overall project.  Always try to look for an expert in your specific field!

  • Good Customer Service

Construction projects can be complicated and multi-faceted, with many contributors and a huge amount of technical information to be managed and controlled. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a company who only looks for problems, not solutions.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers which are based on mutual trust and cooperation; after all, this is the best way to get the job done!  Good customer service and a willingness to be flexible and help our customers out, sees them returning to us time and again.  

CLM Services provide bespoke steel fabrication solutions for a wide variety of sectors, including housing, retail, leisure, health and education.  Our experience includes:

  • Structural Steel
  • Steel Staircases
  • Handrails and Balustrades
  • Platforms and Mezzanine Floors
  • Bespoke projects

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  1. Ron Booker
    Ron Booker says:

    It was great that you elaborated on considering the quality materials the shop has to offer because that will guarantee you a better job done. One of my cousins has a welding job to be done, but he needs the help of a welding service to finish up the project. I will pass him the article so he can be aware of the things he should look for in the fabrication shop he finds.


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