We may be specialists in steel fabrication, but our skills don’t end there!

Back in 2018 CLM were specialist contractors on the Chimpanzee Eden project, so when the team at Twycross Zoo asked if we could help them with some new timber shelters for the outdoor area of their chimpanzee enclosure, we ‘jumped’ at the chance (excuse the pun!).

The keepers are always looking for new ways to enrich the chimpanzee enclosure and to encourage natural behaviours which would be found in the wild.  The 3 new shelters were constructed at different heights and provide the perfect place for the animals to shelter from the weather, to rest and play, or for social interactions such as grooming.

The shelters were constructed on site in just 5 days to meet the Zoo’s deadlines and to ensure the chimpanzees could get back outside as quickly as possible.

“It was a pleasure to have the CLM team here, they were professional, quick and the quality of work was good, as we have now come to expect from you. We appreciate you completing the project before the summer holidays, as this will gives our visitors a much better chance to see the chimps outside and for our chimps to enjoy the summer weather.”  Matyas Liptovszky, Head of Life Sciences

Twycross Zoo (and the chimps!) are delighted with the result, check out their video to see the cheeky chimpanzees exploring their new facilities…

(Image and video footage courtesy of Twycross Zoo)