Twycross Zoo, Chimpanzee Eden

As part of the new Chimpanzee Eden habitat, CLM Services were awarded the specialist works packages to undertake the installation of the viewing windows and the design and installation of animal circulation systems.

The Chimpanzee’s are one of the most popular attractions at any Zoo; with their energy and curious nature they entertain children and adults alike.  In 2018, Twycross Zoo opened their Chimpanzee Eden habitat, designed to encourage the animals to behave as they would naturally in the wild. The new habitat replicates their natural habitat and provides abundant space for the Chimpanzees to interact together.

Keeping the Animals Moving

Ensuring the Keepers can safely move the chimpanzees around their habitat is an essential part of their care. An animal circulation system allows the Keepers to separate the animals if necessary, undertake health checks and research activities, and keep their living areas clean and hygienic.

CLM Services Ltd designed and installed a bespoke system of 23 slides and 9 doors. Operated using pullies, wire ropes and specially designed safety rachets, the system allows doors to be quickly and safely closed as the animals move, allowing certain zones to be closed off effectively.

Working closely with the design team was essential in ensuring a successful design was developed. The design considered the various tasks that the Keepers need to undertake as part of their care routine and the behaviour of the animals. Chimpanzees are strong and sometimes unpredictable, the materials selected were robust and of extremely high-quality to guarantee the protection of the Keepers and the safety of the animals. The Chimpanzee’s curious nature also had to be considered and all fixings were tamper-proof.

A Unique Visitor Experience

CLM Services Ltd installed a range of viewing windows in the exhibit to allow visitors to closely observe the animals. The viewing areas were designed to ensure high levels of animal welfare and privacy, whilst also guaranteeing an optimum visitor experience. CLM also installed the glass in four overhead tunnels which the Chimpanzees use to access their outdoor area. The glass tunnels pass right above the visitors heads, providing a unique experience!

The Chimpanzee Eden exhibit is one of Twycross Zoo’s most popular attractions. The high-quality animal circulation system installed by CLM Services Ltd has provided a bespoke solution which meets the individual requirements of the Chimpanzees and the Keepers. It was the priority of CLM Services Ltd to support the Keepers by providing user-friendly systems and to contribute to the overall safety and welfare of the animals.

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