Knowsley Safari Park, Amur Tiger

CLM recently played a significant role in the construction of new Amur Tiger exhibition at Knowsley Safari Park.

The development at Knowsley Safari Park allows visitors to learn all about the endangered Amur tiger – also known as the Siberian tiger.

The complex structure has been designed to provide state-of-the-art animal welfare facilities and includes over 20 tonnes of galvanised steel.

The journey through the reconstructed tiger habitat reveals six full-length viewing windows weighing over one tonne, plus other interesting observation points. Overall, the visitor experience was designed with fun and learning in mind.

As part of the new tiger exhibit, CLM Services were awarded the specialist works package to construct the five ‘off-show’ tiger enclosures and carry out the installation of the glass viewing screens. Our experience in the zoological sphere, and specifically in the design, manufacture and installation of off-show enclosures, allowed us to work closely with the principal contractor and Knowsley Safari Park to help finalise the design and ensure the desired specification was achieved.

The off-show facility provides dens which are used by the keepers to care for the tigers. It includes 23 slides between the five dens, which enable the keepers to move the tigers safely between enclosures with ease – improving the welfare of the tigers and the safety of the keepers.


CLM’s design team attended weekly meetings with Knowsley Safari Park’s property services team and the principal contractor, Horticon. The early engagement allowed us to contribute to the overall design and suggest alternative solutions, to add value and eliminate potential issues. The team provided CAD drawings and a site engineer to set out the footings required for the dens. That provided accuracy and precision for the on-site installation team and allowed the main structure of the dens to be built within three weeks, keeping the installation in line with the overall project programme.

 The benefits

The finished result is very user friendly for the keepers, enabling a high level of welfare and safety. The overall look and feel are reflective of the tigers’ natural habitat and provides a fun and interactive visitor experience – allowing visitors to get up close with the animals while providing secluded areas away from the public.

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